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ElasticSearch Snapshot – Indexes

Negli ultimi giorni ho affrontato un interessante problematica legata alla creazione degli snapshot degli indici presenti su di un cluster nel quale gira ElasticSearch. Ho sviluppato la funzionalità in PHP su di un task legata ad una Laravel APP application....

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By on 27 Agosto 2020

Call Shopify Cursor Based Pagination from PHP Client

Today in this simple tutorial we will see how to call shopify cursor based pagination from the PHP client. Cursor-based pagination is supported only in version 2019-07 of the API and above. It replaces page-based pagination for the endpoints listed...

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By on 20 Luglio 2020

Post cURL Java

Today we will see how to make a command Post cURL Java, this procedure is valid on any Java platform (Windows or Linux). I made this post after implementing the cache cleaning for re-share on social (Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter)...

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By on 8 Ottobre 2016