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In this tutorial we learn extract image from PDPage – PDFBox, the output image generated from this process represent a screenshot of PDPage.
I have build a wrapper which contain BufferedImage and PDPage to reference of this image. The method extractorScreenshots need List of PDPage and the entire PDDocument for build PDFRenderer.

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import java.awt.image.BufferedImage;
import org.apache.pdfbox2.pdmodel.PDPage;
// Wrapper class with BufferedImage extracted.
public class PDFBleedImageWrapper {
	private BufferedImage screenImage;
	private PDPage pdPage;
	public PDFBleedImageWrapper(BufferedImage screenImage, PDPage pdPage) {
		this.screenImage = screenImage;
		this.pdPage = pdPage;
	public BufferedImage getScreenImage() {
		return screenImage;
	public void setScreenImage(BufferedImage screenImage) {
		this.screenImage = screenImage;
	public PDPage getPdPage() {
		return pdPage;
	public void setPdPage(PDPage pdPage) {
		this.pdPage = pdPage;
private List<PDFBleedImageWrapper> extractorScreenshots(List<PDPage> renderPages, PDDocument document){
	PDFRenderer pdfRenderer = new PDFRenderer(document);
	List<PDFBleedImageWrapper> bleedImages = new ArrayList<PDFBleedImageWrapper>();
	for (int numPage = 0; numPage < renderPages.size(); ++numPage){ 
		PDPage pageProcessing = renderPages.get(numPage);
		BufferedImage extractedScreenshot = null;
			extractedScreenshot = pdfRenderer.renderImage(numPage, 1, ImageType.RGB);
		}catch(IOException e){
			logger.error("Error during extract screenshot", e);
			bleedImages.add(new PDFBleedImageWrapper(extractedScreenshot, pageProcessing));
	return bleedImages;
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